Let me be clear. I don’t do what I do here in Africa for recognition, reward, gratitude, or position.

I do it because I believe that it is what Jesus wants me to do. What a God that hates poverty and injustice demands that I do. If anyone thanks me then my standard reply is, ‘Don’t thank me, thank Jesus.’ And I am painfully aware that whatever I do it will never be enough – because the level of need in this part of rural Africa is huge. And because I am not doing this in some kind of attempt to pay God back. The debt I owe Him is WAY too big!!

What God has done through me and J10:10 in Kigazi is massive. A village so remote that no-one in the District (or very few people) even know its name now has…..a 14 bed hospital, a maternity unit, more than 100,000 litres of clean water storage, a nursery school and a primary school and 250 of its children in education. What a God!

Passion4Africa, the passion fruit farming business that I set up to fund everything that we do here (and to replace my savings that are now gone!), is nearing the completion of our latest and biggest orchard. It has been a huge job and taken more than I expected but I believe that it will all be worthwhile. As usual a combination of my savings (see above!), some contracting work in Europe, sheer bloody-mindedness, and an awful lot of blood, sweat and tears have been expended on the project.

I am a a loner. A maverick. I am not a team player. In my head it’s me and Jesus against the world. And today I was humbled, touched and grateful beyond words (almost!). Because today, 30 men and women from Kigazi walked down the mountain, crammed themselves into my tipper (sod the Health and Safety), came to our Orchard 5, and worked all day for nothing. Not a penny. Because they wanted to show support and appreciation for what I have done for them and for Kigazi.

These people have nothing. We fed them and transported them from the main road to the orchard and back. But they worked for nothing out of love and gratitude and then walked back up the mountain. I will keep telling them that they owe all this to God. And they do. But today I will also allow myself to be just a little emotional at their sacrifice and affection. A good day. A good couple of days actually.

Please can you speak with our God this week and….

– Thank Him for the people of Kigazi and their generosity
– Thank Him for what He has done in Kigazi
– Thank Him for making ways where there appears to be no possibility of success
– Thank Him for His perfect love that casts out fear
– Ask Him to continue to bless, direct and empower us

Because apart from Him? I really can do nothing. Lord I feel so blessed. Thank you.