I’ve been back in Uganda for a week. Someone here in Uganda asked me today…..’So how was home?’ I looked at them and said, ‘Uganda is home. UK was expensive!’
I have been here in Uganda for nearly five years. Five long, hard, frustrating, frightening, rewarding, inspiring, maddening, extraordinary years. And we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of either the need, or God’s plans for Kabale. I couldn’t honestly even tell you what the plan is!
And in those five years we have built and opened the Health Centre in Kigazi, the Hospital in the Hills with its maternity unit, Kigazi Community Nursery School, Kigazi Primary School, and five orchards for Passion4Africa. As well as being blessed and privileged to care for Michelle, five brothers and sisters from Kahama, three children from Kitumba, and various other waifs and strays. Beloved waifs and strays.
The business that we started to provide funding for what we do, Passion4Africa, is at a tipping point. We are hoping to start exporting to UK next month, we have corrected (or are correcting) many of the mistakes that we made initially, and our new orchards will start to produce serious amounts of fruit before the end of the year.
But the next six months will be, as ever, an exercise in living by faith and not by sight. I said that I couldn’t tell you what the plan was……and that wasn’t entirely true. I don’t know the exact details but I do know what the plan is – to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God. Please pray that we do this as we:

• Look for ways to reduce costs as we wait for the business to generate profit
• Decide which projects to concentrate on for the rest of 2015
• Make decisions about how to finance exports
• Ensure that we love people before plans!
• Make sure that we are listening to God and what He wants not what we think He wants!