Challenging times. Awesome God. In you I choose to trust.

Another trip to the UK. Unhappily. There is so much to do in Uganda – the end of the first term; changes and improvements to the nursery and primary school; serious surgery in the earlier orchards; and the ongoing work in the health centre and hospital.









I hate having to delay the changes; hate being away from my wife; and I’m getting far too old for regular intercontinental travel.


In the spirit of ‘entering into what God is doing’ – and not doing my own thing and getting God to bless it – I am in UK to earn some money to support fund our charitable work until our passion fruit farming business ‘passion4africa’ covers all our costs – and trying to secure the first of our export customers for what is unarguably the world’s finest passion fruit!









A favourite Bono quote –

A number of years ago I met a wise man who chaged my life. This man asked me to stop. He said, ‘Stop asking God to bless what you’re doing. Get involved in what God is doing. Because it’s already blessed.’

And so whilst I am away from the work, country and woman that I love…….I’d humbly ask you to pray for:

  • For me to be involved ONLY in what God is already doing
  • For protection of those I love in Uganda and me as I travel
  • For wisdom, insight and God’s will to be done in all areas of our work
  • And for God’s Kingdom to be built, in partnership with us, in Uganda and wherever we work

Thank you.