My life at the moment would make a film. Not, unhappily, ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’. Or even ‘Shotgun Preacher.’

More ‘Dumb and Dumber’. Or ‘One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.’

Or even, ‘The Thing’……as you can see from the photos below.








Over the last two weeks I have been gallivanting around Europe (UK and Spain) earning some money to help fund our work in Uganda. By day I have been (I hope) a charismatic, experienced, visionary, sales trainer and business consultant. By night I am a nutter who stays in my room trying to squeeze/dig/pick the eggs and insects out of my bleeding arm. As I walk past the pool in Marbella I wonder if I am the only European businessman alive who has been using his interdental brushes to try and prise the Ugandan creatures out of my upper arm. I suspect so.


It is, as usual, my own bloody fault. I had a tetanus booster up at the Hospital in the Hills in Kigazi in January (responsible I thought). I didn’t cover it and carried on my filthy way. It got infected, swelled, emitted copious amounts of vivid green pus and I carried on trying to get everything sorted whilst cleaning it and even taking some antibiotics. It wasn’t till I was on my way to the airport that I gave it a particularly effective squeeze and something distinctly maggot-like came out of it. I was driving at the time and couldn’t really examine it properly.

Becky Verallo also picked something ‘jigger-like’ out of it in Essex when I visited her, but the climate in Marbella has obviously been to its liking and there has been a veritable traffic-jam of eggs and creatures processing across the expensive linen sheets on a nightly basis. The interdental brushes don’t work as well as I might have hoped. Ah well, can’t blame a man for trying.

The ‘Jon Pedley Ugandan plague-spreading tour’ is nearly over with just a couple of performances left in Preston and Manchester tomorrow and I will be taking any remaining creatures back to Uganda with me on Saturday. Sunday is a rest day and celebration of my gorgeous wife Hildah’s birthday, which we will also be spending with the wonderful Michelle and Patricia before we return to CoRSU for Michelle’s post-operative check-up on Monday. After which I will be going to a different hospital and (hopefully) be bidding farewell to my unwanted guests.








It will be the usual chaotic week – back to the orchards that are once again producing nearly four tonnes of fruit every week (thank you Lord), up at the nursery and primary school to check on how a new teacher is settling in, and making some decisions about a few areas that need change. And congratulating my wife on exhibiting our fruit and chatting to the President about it. ‘Quelle femme’ as they say in her native France (!).

As always – we need your prayers:

  • For Hildah, Michelle and Patricia’s journey to Kampala
  • For Michelle’s post-operative review and phyiotherapy to help her take advantage of the work that has been done
  • For clarity about the future
  • For the orchards: thanks for what God has done, what He is doing, and what He will do
  • And for a successful purge of whatever is breding under my skin!

The last two and a bit weeks in Europe have been hard but brilliant. Good work, God shared and more funds to build God’s Kingdom here on earth for the poor of Uganda. Thank you Lord.