These are all the things that I need you to pray about!


On Sunday I will drive to Kampala with Michelle and Patricia (Michelle’s main carer). On Monday I will be with Michelle as she undergoes a small operation at CoRSU in Entebbe. And on Tuesday I will arrive in UK for three weeks paid consultancy work in Britain and Spain that will enable us to meet the gap between our income from the Passion4Africa orchards and our expenditure on health, education and the vulnerable here in Uganda.








As usual, God has provided. The combination of damage to the orchards by  a hail-storm last September and the Woodiness Virus that hit us in December/January have had a devastating effect on income. But God…..has answered our prayers for healing and we harvested over 2,000kgs last week, has given us answers as to how we stop the virus in our newer orchards, and has provided three pieces of Western consultancy for me that will inject some much needed cash into the business and ministry. 2015 is still going to be another hard year – but I genuinely believe that ‘I will live to see how kind God is’, and that we will have a very firm foundation for our work in place by this time next year.








God was unexpectedly kind and generous this weekend. As well as our usual blessed time with Michelle we were given a large box of children’s’ books – completely out of the blue by the Cox-Mpambara Foundation. As always God’s timing was perfect – we had been planning to start a library at our Nursery/Primary School in Kigazi. Tick!!

Time away from Uganda is always bitter-sweet. Bitter because I hate being away from my wife and our work. And sweet because it gives me time to reflect, pray and plan for the future.

I would be so grateful if you could also pray:

  • For Michelle – that the operation is a success, that she recovers quickly, and that she continues to bless lives and confound the stereotypes that exist here about the mentally handicapped
  • For our orchards – that they continue to recover, and that God continues to bless us and create community-transforming employment for Ugandans here in Kabale District
  • For my trip to UK and Spain – that I will exceed my client’s expectations, that I will be a good ambassador for Jesus, that I will make even more money than I expected (!), and that I will have lots of opportunities to explain the hope that God has given me
  • That God will protect all that He has built through us in Uganda whilst I am away, and especially that He will protect my gorgeous wife Hildah.
  • That the fantastic start that all the teachers and children at Kigazi Community Nursery and Primary School will continue.
  • That God is glorified in everything that we do………………