A very quick trip to Kampala this week – and another one next week. An 880km round trip on roads of mind-bogglingly variable quality with drivers of frighteningly low competence. And that’s not just me.

The reason for the trip? Another instalment in the absolutely joyful story entitled, ‘Michelle: a life precious to God.’

It is now nearly two and a half years since Michelle became our responsibility – look at the photos below and SEE what the Lord has done!

Michelle KlaWP_20150127_001











Michelle and Michelle’s life have been changed beyond recognition and what God has done in this life through J10:10, a generous sponsor and the people who love her, is one of the things that makes me happiest. There are still many battles to fight in Michelle’s life. She is starting to form simple words, her posture is improving, her upper body is strengthening – but we have seen little or no progress in terms of her lower body development.

So this week my wonderful wife Hildah, Patricia who cares for Michelle for 60% of the week, and I took Michelle to CoRSU – a specialist hospital in Kampala who have helped us with patients several times before. The assessment was both bad and good: Michelle’s level of spasticity means that she will probably never walk or even stand…….but there is a relatively easy surgical procedure that will free her of some of the pain in her hips and dramatically improve her balance when she sits. And so……on February 23rd this precious child will return to CoRSU and undergo surgery that will further improve her life.

After the consultation, x-rays, tests etc………..Hildah and I took Michelle and Patricia to a posh hotel by Lake Victoria – neither of them had seen the lake before and I wanted to feed them. We decadently spent three hours and 180,000 Ugandan shillings on drinks and a three course buffet. All three ladies loved it and I think that God will forgive me for squandering £42 of the money that He provided on these three and myself.



So this week our prayer requests include:

  • Michelle – for a successful operation and a continued improvement in her life and quality of life
  • Hildah and Patricia (and me) – that we will continue to love and serve this precious child and to care for her EXACTLY as God wants
  • For our orchards that provide the much of the finance for what we do – they are recovering slowly
  • For a successful return to school for all 250 of the children we educate – the new academic year starts on Monday 2nd February
  • For safe travel to and from Kampala again next week
  • That we will listen to God and continue to reach the people that He wants us to reach

I love what we do – but not as much as I love who we do it for. Thank you King Jesus!