To try and explain what life here in Uganda is like would be totally impossible. In the last week we have………………..

  • Finished the upgrade of the classrooms in Kigazi (fitting bigger, glass windows and laying floors) so that we can teach Primary and Nursery levels in the village from next month – and recruited a new teacher to do so


  • Held a training course for all our teaching staff to help them improve their skills


  • Watered the 8,000 plants in the new Passion for Jesus orchards – lifting and carrying over sixteen tonnes of water!


  • Celebrated Christmas with the utterly adorable Michelle


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  • Sustained, loved and supported the eight children who don’t go home in school holidays and stay at the J10:10 House


  • Started the repairs at the house of the grandmother of Stidia, Dennis and Cleophas so that she is able to be comfortable in rainy season (2 months away)


  • Started the process of getting the Nursery ready for this year’s classes


  • Begun buying all the things that our 58 Primary School children in town will need for the academic year


  • Continued the process of trying to rid our older orchards of the dreaded ‘Woodiness Virus’


  • Continued with building prayer into the working life of the orchards and our employees there – with some success!



It is still very hard and we are still living by faith and not by sight. An exciting, encouraging and nerve-wracking place to be. I couldn’t be here if Jesus Christ wasn’t here with me.

Please pray for our orchards, the recovery of our harvests, for us and especially for the 250 children that we provide education for – at the start of this new academic year. Thank you.