Life feels tough at the moment. The start of the year is always very expensive as it marks the beginning of the school year here in Uganda – uniforms, equipment AND fees. And this at a time when our harvests are at an all time low and it has been difficult to lift staff morale in the orchards as we fight against the damage caused by the hail storm and the ‘woodiness virus’. Who was it said that this would be easy??!!


But God is faithful. We had our very first real prayer meeting in the orchards on Monday (as opposed to just praying). The theme was Philippians 4:6-7 – ‘Do not worry about anything but instead present your requests to God.’ To my shame I hadn’t realised quite how many of our workers are not church-goers – and so I am wildly excited about them seeing God work in what seems like an impossible situation – and then growing in faith. We will continue to focus on God, and Monday at 8.15am here in Uganda will be the time when we all cry out for His healing: of our orchards and ourselves. And as these men become more engaged in prayer and familiar with God……..I want us to replace the Saturday afternoon ‘clock-watching till finishing time’……with an Alpha Course so that all those who work for us can see Jesus for who He really is. I love what God is doing here.










And I was reminded of why we do it this week. Whilst fifty of the children from the J10:10 House are with their families in the village, the eight most vulnerable children stay with us throughout the school holidays. And so, this week, I was able to give them all presents from us and/or from their sponsors. There was, as you would expect, great excitement joy and gratitude.

And I am grateful. And humbled by the difference that God has made in these lives. Less than a year ago Akampurira could not walk. Or stand. His younger brother Brian was pretty much catatonic – a product of neglect and malnourishment. It barely seems possible that the two photographs below are taken less than 12 months apart.  Can you see what the Lord and our love has done?!

And so I beg you to pray that God will heal our orchards, continue to provide for us to do this work, and lead many of oyr workers into a real and life-saving relationship with Him.