Fill in the missing letters in the title.

As we stand on the first day of a New Year I realise that last year I could have completed the sentence with any one of the following. ‘If my people will humble themselves and:

  • ‘Work harder’
  • ‘Work longer’
  • ‘Plant more seedlings’
  • ‘Prepare more land’
  • ‘Spend more money’
  • ‘Do another European consultancy trip’
  • ‘Invest more funds’

The bible, surprisingly, goes for none of these options. It says ‘PRAY’. And this is what God has been showing me over the past ten days of resting in Dubai (dreadful bloody place!) with my wife.

If my people

God has done extraordinary and amazing things through J10:10 over the past four and a bit years. God is good and has honoured my good-hearted but half-baked efforts! But I have not humbled myself or prayed like I really mean it.

I pray every day. But I haven’t believed that without real, dedicated, Spirit-led prayer – and therefore without a prayerfully dependent partnership with God – that we will do nothing. If I am honest I’ve believed that I’ll do just fine by myself and that God is the ingredient to take us from ‘average’ to ‘great’.


I don’t want this any more. I want to change our work in J10:10 and Passion4Africa, from God-centred to God-dependent. From prayerful to full of prayer. And from average to awesome.

And I want to feel like what we do is absolutely bathed in prayer from those who read this blog. So you have a part to play too if you will. I’ll be humbly asking you to pray into the challenges that face us that I never tell anyone about until they’re sorted!


I’m sorry that I’ve limited you Lord. Please forgive me. I’m so flipping grateful for your gentle, kind, but very clear call to prayer and to a total dependence on you. Please help me not to limit your work but to humble myself and pray. And to introduce prayer rhythms into everything we do – everywhere that we do it.

Thank you that I’m so excited about 2015. Thank you that I’m so excited about spending much more time with you. Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for new beginnings. Thank you for the amazing things that we will see you do in 2015. I love you Lord.