WP_20141209_007It’s that time of year when I spend most of my time praying about the next twelve months. Another school year successfully completed, more than 250 children about to go up to a new class, and nearly 70 employees across J10:10 and passion4africa. Someone has to do the planning!

Like all organisations, particularly one that we believe to be led by God (!), the vision for what we do here in Uganda is an organic thing. It is constantly evolving and always striving to be better, serve more faithfully, and operate more effectively. I suspect that we are going to make some very big changes in the New Year. And I am increasingly sure that these are in line with God’s will for His precious children, Kigazi and the ten-year vision that we are developing and documenting. When I look at what God has done already through us, and then dare to dream that the vision we are documenting will become reality………I am lost in wonder, awe and praise of our God. And excitement, I am giddy with excitement at the difference that God is making in all our lives.WP_20141209_003

One definite change is that we will be teaching Primary One and Primary Two in Kigazi next year. All the children that are in the J10:10 House will be staying in town for the duration of their Primary Education but future graduates of Kigazi Community Nursery will graduate to the J10:10 Primary School in the village. And then on, eventually, to secondary education in town at the secondary school that we are beginning to build next year.WP_20141209_002

Which means that we are busy recruiting new teachers and upgrading two classrooms to make them suitable for Primary Education. I am thanking God for the tipper truck that we purchased – delivering bricks in the morning and collecting passion fruit harvests in the afternoon!

A request – please pray that as we put the final touches to the plans for 2015 and the next decade, as we document them, as we announce them, and as we implement them………we will listen, hear and obey the God that has brought us this far. Thank you.