Of course we flipping can’t. It’s Uganda. It never snows. And no-one here (or very few people) have heard of Father Christmas. There will be no presents for most children, few cards, but people will celebrate God’s ludicrous plan of becoming man and dying in the place of his stupid, selfish, wilful children. Church and family time. Which is actually infinitely preferable to muzak, shopping/traffic chaos and the burden of debt that most people in the West will be saddling themselves with.

But there is an end-of -year feel to Uganda at the moment. Most schools will be breaking up for the end of this academic year on Friday, and I will be attending the awards/thanksgiving/graduation of all 58 of the children from the J10:10 House on Friday (instead of harvesting!). Expect many photos on Saturday!!

A week ago we were privileged to be able to give an early Christmas present to the people of Kigazi.  Using funds generated by Passion4Africa the excellent Michael, who manages the Hospital in the Hills, Medical centre and Kigazi Community Nursery for J10:10 had arranged an outreach in conjunction with Rugarama Hospital taking place in the village. The weather was, frankly, appalling but even so:

  • 40 people were tested for HIV. All negative.
  • 11 people had eye tests and are receiving treatment where appropriate
  • 10 people received free dental care
  • 13 women had cervical smears for the very first time
  • 1 woman received an implant that will prevent her adding to her already very large family for the next five years

We plan to run another outreach early next year – both to benefit from drier weather and to train our own medical staff to carry out the cervical smear test and to administer long-term family planning solutions. This is all part of a battle to make sure that the people of rural Uganda (who nobody really cares about) get the support, healthcare, education and love that the God who cares passionately about them craves for them. Six admissions to the Hospital in the Hills last week – ALL now home and recovered/recovering.

One step at a time sweet Jesus.