It is now more than three years since I first held little Michelle in my arms. She is now bigger, healthier, more alert, more engaged, more alive and has more potential than I ever imagined possible……….and she, Jesus and Hildah are the best things in my life.

Love and God are the reasons why Michelle is transformed today. This little girl has thrived because she is loved extravagantly, unceasingly, passionately and unconditionally by our Lord. And by us. And this love has been the medicine that has transformed our Michelle.

When I first met Michelle it is probably true to say that nobody really loved her. She was neglected, malnourished and abandoned for the vast majority of every day. Two of the five photos at the top of this blog show the pitiful state of our beautiful girl back then. Thanks to God’s intervention, a generous and committed sponsor, and excellent carers in my Hildah, Patricia and Agnes – Michelle is now unrecognisable from the child that we took in ourselves 27 months ago. She has changed:

  • From no control over her body to good and improving head and upper body control
  • From no language skills to recognising words and indicating her understanding (pointing to different parts of her body)
  • From virtually mute to simple sounds
  • From sad to unbelievably happy

Michelle still has a long way to go and many battles to fight. We still have many battles to fight with her and for her. One of these is getting her some different and specialist medical care to correct the malformation of her legs – a trip to Kampala next year.

The other need is more immediate and more practical. A better chair is needed to improve Michelle’s posture. And on the basis that she is now becoming a fat little sod (!) – from 8kg to 22kg since she came to us – it would help her carers massively if they could transport her more easily. I am making a flying visit to the UK in November. And so, acting entirely by faith and not by sight of my bank balance, I have ordered Michelle a very posh and brilliantly constructed specialist buggy. It’s pictured below – and it has cost me £1,161.66.

Friends of ours at 3D Marketing Group are doing a Halloween fundraising (God working in all things for the good of His people?!)  towards the cost – Michelle and I would be extremely grateful if you would help too! This little girl is a blessing to everyone that she meets and she deserves everything that we give her and more. You can donate by going to our homepage and clicking the donate button at the bottom –