‘Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away the hunger.’ Saint Basil

It is true to say that a large part of me wants to curse the rain this morning. It’s harvest day in the Passion for Jesus/Passion4Africa orchards. Worse, it’s Monday – the BIG harvest day! Worse still Friday’s harvest was low and I already have customers screaming that they are desperate for fruit. Even worse than that this is the last harvest that I personally will supervise before Hildah and I head off to Kampala for meetings and to collect Becky Verallo and family. And it is VERY, VERY wet – and the internet said it wouldn’t rain till 12pm at the earliest!!!!!!!

Some of the ‘curses of the competent’ are that……

  • You get lumbered with all the difficult or unpleasant jobs because everyone knows you’ll get them done
  • You do far too much because at least you know it will be done properly
  • You become judgemental and arrogant because you know you can do it and others can’t/won’t

But the most dangerous part of being broadly competent at most things is that………you don’t trust God, submit to God or accept God’s blessings. Because somewhere deep down you’re not completely sure that He is as competent as you are either! Sad, pathetic, ridiculous – but true.

And that is another reason why I am so grateful that God has put me here in Uganda – and that He has given us this farming business to provide all that we need for ourselves and for all the work that we do through J10:10.

Because in the West I can make a very good attempt at life in my own strength, albeit by using the gifts that God gave me. The work that I do there I am good at, my schedule is largely under my control, and I have always operated businesses that depend almost exclusively on me and me alone.

The complete opposite is true of Passion4Africa.

I, and all the people who depend on me (250 school-children, 65 staff and their families, a community of several thousands where we operate health services), are completely dependent on our God, His will and His creation. If God doesn’t prosper Passion4Africa then we are all in trouble.

I am vulnerable, completely out of my depth, way outside my comfort zone, and completely at God’s mercy in a very real, practical and tangible way.

And you know what? To my amazement – I’m cool with that. God has mercifully, graciously, kindly and gently got me to a place where I trust Him completely.

Jesus said, ‘I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift that the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.’

I believe Jesus. Thank you my Lord. Because of you I’m getting there.