So the Lord blessed Job in the second half of his life even more than in the beginning

I was 46 yesterday. I am definitely in the second half of my life. Very probably in the final third.

I have less in terms of possessions than I have had for the last twenty years. The work that we do here in Uganda, and therefore my present and my future, is funded by a business that is entirely dependent on God’s provision of good weather and His protection from pests, diseases and thieves. More than 300 people are dependent on Him and me for employment, schooling, healthcare or other vital parts of their lives. The country I live in is ‘developing’ – no power for around 20% of every week, roads like fields, low life-expectancy, etc etc etc

And I feel blessed beyond measure. ……God has blessed the second half of Jon’s life even more than the first.

And all I had to do was to say ‘sorry’ to my Creator for the mistakes that I had made, accept His hand on my life and His death in my place, and stop living my life in my own strength. And start living life in partnership with God – by allowing His Spirit to live in me, strengthen me and guide me.

About ten and a half years ago I did just that. And every year my life gets better. Thank you Lord Jesus. I don’t deserve anything – let alone the amazing life you have given me.

And THAT is what is so amazing about grace.