It has been VERY busy in Kigazi over the past three weeks: finally taking control of the Health Facilities that we constructed; running repairs and re-decoration of one block of classrooms at Kigazi Community Nursery; fit-out and repair of solar at the Hospital in the Hills; the return of more than 50 village children to the J10:10 House in town; 190 children returning to our Nursery; and Michael, J10:10’s General Manager, implementing the changes to procedures and processes that will deliver the standards of health care that God wants for His people in Kigazi.

It’s going brilliantly. We’ve held a series of well-attended Community Meetings; the staff are engaged and enthusiastic (if nervous about time-sheets!), the solar lighting is now fully installed/repaired and operational; the first outreach is taking place next week to publicise and explain ante-natal and immunisation services; and we have admitted patients to the Hospital and then been able to release them recovered within 48 hours. Before the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ opened they would either have not received treatment or been forced to de-camp to an In-Patients unit 20km away – with food, firewood and family.

You can feel both the enthusiasm and the wonder in this community at the advances that we are making. The latest installation of solar power means that we now have outside security lights which light the way to the Maternity Unit and which are a proven factor in enticing wome to give birth safely there – and not riskily at home.

Jesus healed whilst He walked on earth. Now he is doing so more efficiently, compassionately, effectively and pro-actively than before through our facilities and staff in Kigazi. The scale of what God has done in this community in less than 4 years is brought home to me when I look at what was once just grazing land – and is now two blocks of classrooms, In-Patients, Out-Patients, staff accommodation and storage for more than 65,000 litres of clean water. Praise God!!!!