…….this is an insanely busy week. It will include:

  • A third harvest at the Passion4Africa/Passion for Jesus passion fruit orchards – 2,041 kilos so far this week (all sold!)
  • A third delivery to the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ – equipment and drugs as we prepare to take over the management of all the health facilities in Kigazi next Monday
  • A staff meeting with all the workers at the health facilities to explain exactly how the changes will affect them
  • Painting of three of the classrooms at the J10:10 Kigazi Community Nursery
  • A day of fencing tomorrow (with the community) of the health facilities so that cows, goats and sheep don’t wander into the maternity unit at an inappropriate time. A bit too biblical!
  • Paying all the Passion for Jesus and J10:10 staff (there are now 45 of them!)
  • Having a planning meeting with the J10:10 house staff as we prepare to welcome our 57 children back to the J10:10 House for the last term of the academic year on 6th September
  • And opening a shop. No really! The first Passion4Africa shop will open on Friday

And we’ll do all of this whilst battling the rainy season that has arrived early. And impressively. Which meant that I had to honour a promise to the workers at the Passion4Africa orchards and buy them all raincoats. They were absolutely ecstatic that they have a boss that keeps his word……but more – that they are respected and appreciated for what they do and who they are. As I said to a client who visited the orchards today – ‘Without God and these men – none of this would be possible.’

I love all the stuff that we do. I love how diverse and different, challenging and faith-affirming, insane and successful the whole mad adventure is. But most of all……I love that Jesus is at the centre of all the different strands – and the God-ordained whole.

When you look at all that we do – it just doesn’t seem possible. And humanly it isn’t. Thank you Lord.