‘But God’……………….the two most powerful words in the universe. As I told the employees of J10:10 and their families at our staff party yesterday.

For Michelle – neglected and starved close to death. For Sandra and Timothy, abandoned at birth. For Akampurira, condemned never to walk. For his brothers and sisters, dying slowly of malnutrition. But God……..had a plan.  But God…..created and sent J10:10 as a channel through which He would save them.

And for Jon! 12 years ago………I was a drunk, a thief and an adulterer. A violent man who cared only for himself. The epitome of self-centred, self-obsessed westerner. To the world I looked successful – big house, big cars, loads of money. But in reality I was a disaster. I was 34, I had been drunk for the best part of fifteen years, and the story was set to end in another drunken car crash, a drunken fight or cirrhosis of the liver.

But God………had other plans. Plans to prosper me and not to harm me. Plans to give me a hope and a future. And even more remarkably, having accomplished what still seems like an impossible miracle (especially to me!)………and because our God is the God of the TOTALLY impossible……….He has used me to give a hope and a future to many others here in Uganda. Words fail me. Gratitude doesn’t come close.

As I looked out on a gathering of about 175 people – nearly all our 48 employees across J10:10 and Passion4Jesus with their families – the scale of what God has done through us really hit me hard. And don’t forget that only about 10 of the 250 children we educate were at that party!

J10:10 and Passion4Jesus now directly impacts the lives of over 500 poor Ugandans through either employment or education. It impacts the lives of another 6,000 people through healthcare and water projects. And it has done this in just less than 4 years.

We ate, we drank, we danced, they performed songs and presentations that they had prepared beforehand; and I told them what we had achieved together, and I told them what I once was. I told them why I am different. And I led them in an a capella  rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ because I couldn’t think of another English hymn they might know the words to and because I am amazed by the scale of God’s grace in all of our lives.  Please God there is neither audio or video of that!

The party had been planned for some weeks – BUT GOD’s (!) amazing timing meant that the day before……

  • the contract for J10:10 to manage Kigazi’s health facilities was signed – so the Hospital in the Hills will finally open on 1st September
  • we had our best ever weekly harvest in the Passion4Africa orchards – 1,712 kilogrammes
  • the biggest news channel in Uganda, NTV, came to the orchards to film a piece on what we are doing and why
  • we agreed a lease for our a passion4africa shop in Kabale

We are on an amazing adventure with an extraordinary and wonderful God in Jesus. It was a great day of celebration, thanks, testimony, gospel and the Holy Spirit. Words fail me and I am leaking slightly at the eyes as I write this.

How sweet the sound – that saved a wretch like me. And then……!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus.