By the grace of God we have achieved almost unrecognisable transformation in Kigazi Village – where J1010 began its work nearly 4 years ago.

Some of these achievements include our nursery that educates 190 pre-school children and promotes gender equality, hygiene and the more usual education topics; the medical centre that treats more than 7,000 patients each year and that has delivered safely more than 100 babies – more than 30 so far this year; water harvesting that offers several hundred thousand litres of clean water to the community; an excellent Primary School programme that educates and cares for 55 children in the J10:10 House in Kabale; and a support and advocacy service that has helped many villagers in many different ways

BUT after all our work, expenditure, prayer and community interaction……….we have barely scratched the surface of the need in this village. It’s vital that we hold on to what we have helped achieve – but just as vital that we do not lose sight of how much is still to be done.
We have employed a new General Manager, Michael, who will be in charge of J10:10’s Health and Education work in Kigazi once the
long-running saga of the contract for J1010 to officially manage the Health facilities that we have built is finally settled. And Michael has been starting the process of managing the facilities, community, expectations and staff. I hope. A key part of that process is collecting data that will allow us to assess and address needs and performance. And it has been a wake-up call.
Many people talk of Kigazi as being blessed because of the totally unlikely interest that God has shown in this remote place through J10:10. Thanks to Michael’s work we now know that, in this ‘blessed’ place………
  • 40% do not have a place to wash
  • 29% do not have a toilet
  • No families at all have a place where they put garbage
  • 30% of children in our Nursery are below the average growth rate due to poor diet
  • Eleven children seen at a recent optical outreach organised by Michael have conditions that will result in blindness if untreated
  • Two-thirds of children are born less than 24 months after their immediately older sibling
  • The average family size is 6 children
  • 5% of pregnancies end in miscarriage
  • Of 502 full-term pregnancies……..94 children died before their fifth birthday. That’s nearly 19%.

It is clear that we have a huge amount to do over a wide spectrum. That what we do here has to address ALL the areas that contribute to wholeness. It’s about community engagement, education programmes, sanitation, child-spacing, diet, staff motivation, outreach programmes, better data, and further investment into staff, equipment and drugs,

And it’s about prayer, and trust, and reliance on our God who loves the poor and has taken us so far. A God that promises to bring to completion all that He starts.

We’ve started planning and doing. It’s scary, exciting, wonderful and vital: an amazing journey with an awesome Lord Jesus.