Passion for Jesus (Uganda) Limited, and its brand – Passion4Africa – are, in my humble opinion, the best business ever conceived!

When did it become necessary for a business to operate ONLY for itself, its directors and its shareholders? Why can’t commercially talented people use their skills to help those less able than themselves, create businesses that serve their communities, and make profits that pay the bills and then do something meaningful for those who need it most?

Many years ago Lord Sieff of Marks and Spencer said that the secret of good business was, ‘Customer first, staff second, self last.’

So how about we update that to, ‘Customer first, staff second, community third, those in need fourth, self last’ ? And therefore put Jesus and what He taught in pole position?

It is now 14 months since we planted the first seedlings in our orchards. This week we will harvest more than a tonne of passion fruit for the first time. And as we do so we will:

  • Provide full-time employment for 26 men and 2 women
  • Be the main force that is re-generating the village of Bigungiro where our orchards are located
  • Be the source of income that has allowed our workers to form their own Savings and Credit Co-Operative Union into which they save 33% of their salaries, plan for their futures (alleluia!!) and protect their families
  • Provide fruit for widows like the two pictured to sell at the market and support themselves
  • Provide fruit that will be consumed by our children in the J10:10 House and improve their nutrition
  • Generate a small profit for the first time this month
  • And invest that profit and all future profits into the construction of Christ Central School
  • Allow us to make all the work that we do sustainable as we provide health, education and sanitation services to the rural poor here in Uganda
  • Minister to our workers’ souls as we pray together at the start of each working week

Isn’t this more what business should look like? More what God wants us to do with the gifts that He has given us? Strong, well run, commercially sound business funding J10:10’s work at our Nursery, Boarding House, Medical Centre and The Hospital in the Hills.

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