I am painfully ware of my many imperfections. How broken I am, how much my God has mended already, how many more repairs there are still to do, and what a contradiction in terms my life can often be. It’s the inevitable result of a perfect God choosing to live in, and win back, a very imperfect being. Thank God for Jesus. Thank God for the healing work of His Spirit.

Like Paul I want to do what I don’t do, and I don’t want to do what I do. Which makes me appear schizophrenic. Today alone I have argued with my wife, washed the feet of an old man, threatened the bank manager and prayed with my staff for their protection and blessing whilst I am away. Sometimes it feels like I am going mad!

Thank God for forgiveness, new starts and that He can do more than we can ask or imagine with such poor resources. And for noticeable improvements in most areas!

If you want to know how powerful He is, how amazing His works, how great His love, and how much He can accomplish with very limited resources then look at the photos…..

  • Charles and I relaxing after a feet-washing session: outside the dry, safe, clean, waterproof house that God gave Charles when Charles had given up on life
  • Charles’s feet – cleaned again today and now free of pain, jiggers, mossy foot and fungus. ‘They don’t ever hurt me any more’ – he said today to me in wonder
  • The field which thanks to God, St Mary’s Stebbing and Kigezi Baptist Church we have got planted with sweet potatoes which in a few months time will provide food and an income for the family
  • At the way that God meets both physical, emotional AND spiritual needs – the family that were outcasts now host a small praise, prayer and worship meeting EVERY Wednesday in their new home
  • And at Akampurira – one of the three children from the family that we have inducted into the J10:10 House who is now walking. When they said that he would never do so. But God………

I just love what God does through us. Imperfect though we may be……….alle-flipping-luia!