….I will continue to be amazed by God’s provision, generosity, power and love – before I head off to Kampala, Britain for 4 days and then Spain for a week. NOT a holiday – paid business consultancy which helps with the costs of everything we do here in Uganda. And the total opposite of what I do and how I live here. Prepare for culture shock…..again!

And over these next three days I will also:

– celebrate and thank God as we finish the construction project in Kahama. The floors are now concreted, the walls all plastered and the children safe in the J10:10 House. One more feet-washing session to go before I travel!

– get two more harvests from the Passion for Jesus orchards as we try to harvest FIVE tonnes of fruit in July (and source/deliver/carry another 14,000 litres of water  to compensate for dry season)

– continue to chase the official planning permission for Christ Central School and the contract for management of the Hospital in the Hills

– begin preparations for our opening of the Hospital in the Hills on 15th August (keep praying PLEASE!)

– sign and complete all the paperwork for another challenge we have been facing (more detail when it’s done)

– make sure that the J10:10 team have everything they need for my short(ish) absence

So it’s going to be a mad week and I have no idea how we will get it all done. But God…………..