We are trusting in God to sort out the contract that will finally allow us to take over management of the Health Centre in Kigazi that we built – and to finally open the Hospital in the Hills on August 15th. A matter of days I am told.

So in yet another act of walking by faith and not by sight (!!) J10:10 has recruited a new member of the team to take the job of managing all that we do in Health, specifically Kigazi, and ensuring that the rural poor get the services, attitudes, education, love and care that they deserve and that Jesus demands.

Michael was previously the Administrator at Rugurama Hospital, is a qualified nurse, and has extensive experience of building health systems and services in Uganda. He is also a committed follower of Jesus and he will be a massive benefit to us, our work and the people who use our services. As well as the children that we care for in the J10:10 House.  And if he can cure the stinking cold, red raw throat and rasping cough that I have developed then he will get an immediate pay rise!

While Michael was meeting with the staff at the Medical centre I was watching the usual group of village children dancing happily and maniacally by our Pick-up. It is not often that I can’t work out why something is happening but on this occasion they kept up the frenetic dancing even when I wasn’t watching. It went on for over 45 minutes!?

Then the penny dropped. My 17-year old pick up has a very shiny bumper. These children who don’t have mirrors, let alone televisions, web-cams or smart-phones……were seeing themselves clearly for the first time and entertaining themselves with the reflection. I think that I may have ‘pimped my ride’. Whatever that actually means.

I love this place. I love these people and I am very, very privileged to be part of God’s story here in Uganda. Please keep praying that the health centre management contract will finalised very soon!