…………are always found in the place where God created you to be. For me that place is Kigezi, Uganda.

After a mad but enjoyable three weeks away in Brussels, Bruges, Knokke, Paris and Puerto Banus………..we are finally back in Kabale. Thank God. For his generosity as well as his protection.

And whilst it is dusty, dirty, poverty-stricken, power-deprived and often desperate…….it is a place where God is doing miracles. Quietly, reliably, faithfully and amazingly. In the three days since we got back I have spent a lot of time with Michelle, the little girl born with cerebral palsy who we help care for: she continues to amaze me with her progress! I have seen Kathleen, Liberty and Akampurira who God rescued from unendurable living conditions in Kahama through us – Akampurira who we were told would never stand is not just standing – he is also walking with a stick.

And Olivia, their big sister, started vocational college yesterday – thanks to the love of God and the kindness of a sponsor. I prayed with her and we asked God to help her with her academic studies and her tailoring course. Through which she will learn skills that give her a life worth living – and life in all its fullness.

I spent time at the J10:10 House, bought loads of shopping, passed on love to two little girls from their UK sponsor (love back to you ST) and had pumpkin and chicken served to me in the Passion for Jesus orchards. And I had a meeting where it appears that we will soon be granted planning permission for Christ Central School.

Most of the time life here is hard. It is not fun most of the time. Or much of it at all. But it is all made worthwhile by the victories that God is winning in so many young lives. Alleluia.