…….an invitation to the Queen’s Birthday Party in Kampala. Much to the delight of the social butterfly that is my wife. We went, she met the Vice-President of Uganda and she was happy. Which made me happy.

But what really made me smile is what Jesus has done in my life. 20-odd years ago I was sentenced to spend time at one of Her Majesty’s Prisons. 15 years ago I’d have bet on being in a cell as opposed to a High Commission……and today? God has made all things new and I have a life that is more fulfilling, more exciting, and often scarier (!) than anything I have ever experienced before. And another surreal experience hob-knobbing with the great-and-good – and proving that with God nothing is impossible.

Obviously I made a number of faux-pas last night:

1. Responding to the question, ‘Would you like a Pimms sir?’ with the answer, ‘No thanks love, I’ll start fighting.’

2. Clarifying unnecessarily what a ‘Cake and Arse’ party is

3. And breaking protocol by asking the Vice-President to pose for a photo with my wife – and (awfully!) by saying, ‘Excuse me, Prime Minister.’ He virtually spat his Stilton out as you can see. The Prime Minister is a rank below and currently accused of conspiring against the President. I was tired.

So all in all, after 23 days and one too many posh parties…….I am so glad to have reached Kabale safely. Tomorrow is a very different agenda – time with Michelle, the children at the J10:10 House, and back to our orchards.

And thanking God for Jesus – and the change He has made, and is making, in my life.