I always forget (fortunately!) how busy, expensive and challenging January is for us here in Uganda.

Frankly it’s a good job that I do. January is always a reminder of the fact that I just can’t do this……..by myself. As I pour money into the J1010 Nursery, spend millions (of Ugandan Shillings) re-equipping and stocking the J1010 House, battle with a very dry spell in the Passion for Jesus Orchards and turn down request after request for help from random Ugandans (this is hunger season) it can all get very intense and very scary.

Added to the normal pressure this year we have the increased pressures of trying to build a business to fund and sustain our work – and the injury to Richard, our cook at the J1010 House, which I wrote about last week.

After returning from Kampala I went to visit Richard in Kabale Referral Hospital. I was encouraged to be taking Becky Wilson, our visiting British Nurse, so that there was a second medical opinion. Well, actually a first medical opinion – as I’m just a salesman that acts as a doctor/surgeon/nutritionist/mental health expert/orthopaedic expert out of necessity.

I’ve attached a photo of the pelvic fractures that Richard sustained as the car hit him. Not good. Treatment in current hospital? Put legs in traction and don’t immobilise pelvis or correct the dislocation of the bones. Prognosis? Minimum 5 months in hospital and walk with sticks for the rest of his life. He’s twenty-flipping-five. Is this God’s will for his life?

Of course it isn’t. So, after we’ve welcomed the children back to the J1010 House this weekend, we’ll put Richard in an ambulance and transport him to a private hospital in Entebbe (10 hours away). I made Richard smile when I told him that Jesus loved him and wanted to heal him – and pointed out that this was a fairly dramatic way to get to see Kampala for the first time! And there we’ll meet the costs of giving him back his mobility (probably about £1,500). Why? Because we know that is what Jesus would do. That the inconvenient, demanding, costly and difficult way is pretty much always the narrow path that God walks on with us. And thank God that He does. Because alone I’d be falling off the path, giving up and quitting Uganda, Richard and all the others.

We need your prayers – for a successful re-opening of Kigazi Community Nursery; a safe and blessed return of 47 children to the J1010 House; for rain in our orchards and blessings on our business; for Becky as she starts work in Rugarama Hospital next week; and for Richard as we seek healing and care for him.

And for faithfulness, protection and energy as we walk the walk.