Back from Kampala with a land title for the amazing plots of land that God has given us. Thank God for the land AND the land title. A real challenge in a developing country. Done. At last!

Today is the day that we welcome a new first-time visitor to Uganda: Becky W from UK.

Becky is a children’s nurse who wanted to find out what it would be like working in a developing country – so that she could make a decision about whether that would be something she would like to do for a longer period. What better testing ground than the chaos that is J10:10’s work here in Kabale, Uganda?!

So, generously (!), we have agreed that Becky can spend three weeks with us. During this time our generosity will be (more than) re-paid as she ….

  • Spends time in the J10:10 House with the 47 children that are returning on Saturday – suggesting improvements in diet, observing the children in their ‘home’ environment and advising on how we better monitor them and provide for them in health-terms
  • Spends time in Kigazi Village: at our Health Centre, our nursery of 160 children, and at the soon-to-be-opened ‘Hospital in the Hills’ (telling us what we need to make sure is on hand in terms of equipment)
  • Gets experience of working in a developing country at Rugarama Hospital
  • Interacts with and advises us on Michelle – the little girl with Cerebral Palsy that lives with us
  • Experiences Uganda – in all its beauty, chaos, heartbreak and joy

Giving money costs…….only money. Giving time and yourself is far more expensive – and far more rewarding. Thank you in advance Becky – we hope that you are as blessed by the experience as we will be.