Our friend, employee and cook at the J1010 House, Richard, was knocked down by a car on Tuesday night. He is in hospital in Kabale. Whilst his injuries are not life threatening they are fairly serious in that he is completely incapacitated and pretty much immobile. I am in Kampala until Monday and accurate information is, as always in Uganda, difficult to obtain – but it sounds to me as if the fractures he has sustained are to his pelvis.

Hospital in Uganda is very different to UK – no food, water and no care other than medical advice and drug dispensation (chargeable). In other words you don’t get fed, watered or washed. This means that Richard, who is in considerable pain, is totally dependent on the love and care of friends. These include the excellent Boaz and Mercy – other employees of J1010. We’re obviously meeting his medical costs.

Please pray for Richard (wearing a yellow t-shirt in the photo) and for the rest of the team.