Michelle is NOT the least of anything in God’s eyes. But here in Uganda, as a child born with brain damage that impacts her physical and mental development, she would be pitied by most, rejected by some, and despised by many.

Not by us and not by Jesus. The things that J10:10 achieves please me but they don’t thrill me. The people whose lives we are able to ease and the marginalised (those that Jesus loves most) that we are able to help…….they thrill me. They make me want to smile, laugh and often cry tears of gratitude, joy, wonder and praise to a God that loves so extravagantly.

Hildah and I are in flipping Kamapala again. I failed last week in my attempt to collect the land title for the land that God has supplied us and therefore to submit my work permit application for Passion for Jesus (Uganda) Limited. So I was forced to try again this week – and this gave us a wonderful opportunity…….

It is nearly 18 months since Michelle travelled from Kampala to our wedding in Kabale. And 18 months since God very clearly told me that if I sent her back then I was sending her back to die. Gulp…..

So we kept her with us in Kabale; Agnes took responsibility for caring for her; a sponsor funded her day to day care; we sourced physiotherapy; we funded the equipment that she needed; we included her in our family; and we prayed for Michelle daily.

And we watched as she blossomed in Agnes’s love; established herself in our home; benefitted from an improved diet; learned new skills; and became a personality in the area in her own right.

We rejoiced as she learned to recognise words; exulted as her control over her head and upper body improved beyond recognition; were gleeful as she learned to feed herself; ecstatic as she learned to blow her own nose; and thankful as we saw Jesus in this small, damaged, beautiful, precious and unique child.

And this week – her parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and former neighbours got to see it too. We took Agnes, her daughter Praise and Michelle to see Michelle’s old family in Kampala for the first time since we took over the responsibility of caring for her. They were blown away by how she has changed, what she can do and how happy and confident she has become. Michelle performed all the new tricks she has learned and revelled in the attention.

And we told them, as I am telling you, that there are two people to thank – Agnes for the extraordinary love she has shown Michelle – and Jesus  who would not let this child, suffer, underperform, struggle or lack love.

An amazing day yesterday. An amazing Lord every day. Thank you Lord Jesus.