We are 12 days away from welcoming our 22 established residents of the J10:10 House back from the village to their third year of primary education in Kabale. And of welcoming 25 ADDITIONAL children. Mad, busy, exciting and awe-inspiring times. Awe at how a perfect God could use such an imperfect person to help these children.

We’ve beefed up and improved the team that will care for our kids. Two of our members of staff from last year’s team have left us and we’ve replaced them and added three more people. If you look at the photo that DOESN’T include a middle-aged Brit then from left to right they are:

  • Emily – a trained Primary School teacher who will coach the kids and act as a ‘House Mother’
  • Alex – our Night Watchman and Security Manager
  • Richard – in charge of the compound – and cooking for 47 children and 6 staff!
  • Jacklin – another qualified teacher who will assist Emily
  • Precious – Richard’s new assistant cook
  • Mercy – our Housekeeper and unofficial Mum to all our children
  • Boaz – ‘House Dad’, children’s worker and the person who heads up the spiritual development of our precious charges
  • Patrick – (not pictured) who has taken over from Arkaline and will supervise the J10:10 House

It’s a great team, a great work, one of the most joyful things we do, and it has eternal consequences. Please pray for all our staff at the house – that God will empower them and use them to enrich, protect and develop the lives of their 47 charges.

And to demonstrate how random my life is – after holding a ‘kick-off’ meeting at the J10:10 House………I delivered thousands of empty plastic bottles to the Passion for Jesus orchards. There they will be used to provide drip irrigation for new seedlings in the two months before rainy season. And sustenance for the plants that will bear fruit and fund the development of Christ Central School.

Jehovah-Jireh: ‘the God that Provides’ – you better believe it.