It’s been a funny old week. Since I last wrote, imploring you for prayer as I ask God for blessing on Passion for Jesus (Uganda) Limited, it has been unbelievably busy and incredibly diverse. I am now in Kampala getting our new pick-up registered and doing some stuff at immigration (yawn!) but in the last seven days we have:

  • Built a store in our Orchards that will house the fruits that God gives us, the security guards that start work at the end of this month and that will provide the roof from which we will harvest rainwater
  • Consumed the first juice made from the first few ripe fruits in our orchards 
  • Approved the ‘brand’ and taken delivery of the printing for the business that we will believe God will use to provide for all J10:10’s material needs. The new brand is ‘’ – and I believe that in time you will see our logo on cartons in British supermarkets. Because nothing is impossible for God. 
  • Started buying the additional furniture and equipment that we will need at the J10:10 House as we increase the number of children that we care for from 22 to 47.
  • (Nearly!) completed the plastering and fitted doors and windows for the two new classrooms at Kigazi Community Nursery
  • Met up with Zebron, little Michelle’s father, to show him photos and video of the amazing progress that Michelle is making – physically, mentally and spiritually: one of the greatest things that God has done through us. 
  • Specified and sourced the equipment that we need for a water purification project using solar power and Ultra Violet light to produce completely safe drinking water that won’t need to be boiled.  And therefore won’t use the ever dwindling amount of firewood available in Kigazi.
  • Visited a family that is in so much trouble it makes me want to cry and smash things simultaneously. We, and a partner church in UK, are going to help them by meeting their needs for healthcare, housing and food. I’ll be writing all about this next week.
  • Said goodbye from J1010 to Ak and baby Bethany as they prepare to start a new life with Henry in Kampala. Well done and thank you – good and faithful servant.
  • And started preparations to receive Becky, a UK paediatric nurse who will be spending three and a bit weeks with us

A good week.  A blessed week.  A generous God.  A never-ending need for Him and His provision. A constant dependence on Him and your prayers. Thank you.