As a new year begins I think I need less goals and resolutions and more God and His solutions – Judah Smith

Without God and His solutions………….J10:10 really can do nothing. Without God’s blessing, protection, guidance and power J10:10 will cease to exist. Unless God answers our prayers and blesses the work of our hands then this wonderful adventure, and all that we do and have done, will come to an end within 12 months.

I wrote back in August about both our vision for the future and the way that we believe that God will provide for that vision – Passion for Jesus . Well, NOW is the time. We have bought the land for Christ Central School, we have planted over 11,000 passion fruit plants and unless God blesses this business with an abundant harvest and a market the bank accounts will be empty  at the end of July.

To survive and continue caring for the rural poor and children like Michelle, Sandra, Timothy, Amulle………we need God to make this business grow and the vision that we believe that He has given us a reality.

I have no goals and no resolutions for 2014o. I have finally reached the end of my own strength and know that ALL I need is more God and more of Jesus’s power.

If you do make one resolution for 2014…..please make it to pray this prayer every day:

Father God, please bless J10:10 and Passion for Jesus. Use this business to feed, educate, employ, heal and help your people; and to show your power that more may know you; so your Kingdom may come on earth as it is in heaven. Thank you. Amen.

I believe Lord. Help me with my unbelief. I know that your love NEVER fails. Thank you.