J10:10 has worked with Kigezi Baptist Church for some years. As one of Kabale’s smallest and poorest churches we were drawn to them above any of the others.

Over the past three years we have:

– helped them to finish their church building (it now has a roof and back wall!)

– introduced them to the Alpha Course which has been very successful and grown their congregation significantly

– sponsored and helped with a couple of outreach programmes

– equipped a computer and internet suite where they deliver training to their local community and demonstrate God’s love – including a training course for our friends from the Foundation for People with Disabilities

– facilitated a new spiritual, prayerful and practical relationship, a ‘twinning’ with St. Mary’s Church in Stebbing, Essex which we hope to see bear fruit over the next year

One of the things that I like about KBC is that it is incredibly active given its meagre resources. A few months ago they started their own ‘Local Bible School’. A group of ten young Christians meet in the second week of every month and study the bible together with their teachers. The problem was that none of the students could afford a study bible.

BUT GOD (!), with his impeccable timing, had a plan. Some months ago J10:10 had received a bequest which the donor (who wants to remain anonymous) stipulated must be used for bibles. Strangely, I hadn’t felt called to spend this money and had a half-formed idea about buying a Rukiga bible for all the children in the J1010 house next year. And then, in a recent meeting with KBC they told me how much they would love to see the ten students who love their God and his Word so much equipped with a good study and life application bible.

As you can see from the photos…..the majority of my luggage allowance for my recent UK trip was expended on Bibles! And the delight with which they were received was worth it.

And because God is a micro-manager (!!)…..we still have enough left over to buy 45 children’s Bibles for our kids next year. So ten students get the biblical tool they need – and 45 kids get to own their first bible.

Thank you Lord. Thank you A. Nonymous.