God’s protection was very real yesterday. As a passenger and I made our way up to the Passion for Jesus orchards in my car we very nearly died. A totally innocuous piece of road crumbled without warning and disappeared underneath the passenger side wheels. The car fell left towards a steep slope and 40 feet drop onto a house – and came to rest half on and half off the road – and tilting towards the drop. Think ‘The Italian Job’ with the vehicle sideways and no gold. To my amazement we were both able to get out of the car without it falling over the edge.

We concentrated on making sure that there was no-one in the houses that were threatened with destruction by the car. The usual collection of Ugandan villagers turned up to gawp, shout about the road and the government and generally irritate me! And I met the woman who lived in the house that my car was teetering over. She’s a widow. Because her husband was killed when a vehicle fell off the road and onto the house two years ago. Oh s***. And I’m just dazed (still am a bit) because I wasn’t driving fast, aggressively or dangerously and this shouldn’t have happened and, (with my failed physics ‘O’ level), I don’t understand how the flipping car is not on top of the house with me and Simpson in it.

Neither do the villagers. They tell me that I am lucky. I tell them that I am blessed. And I have an image of Angels holding two tons of Toyota Hilux up because there is still no way it shouldn’t be falling. And when we tow the car off its ledge I fall to my knees and thank the God that very improbably loves me so much.

No damage to the car! We head up to the orchards and tell the story of yet another salvation to my staff. They praise God. A little later a truck driver comes up to me and tells me the story that I have just told you – including me dropping to my knees and thanking God! And so I learned several things (again) yesterday:

  • That J10:10 and Passion for Jesus are God’s work and that He will protect and prosper it. Miraculously some of the time. Practically all of the time
  • That God works for the good of his people in all things – our accident gave us the opportunity to tell of His hand on our lives
  • That God loves me. With a passionate, tender and totally crazy love.
  • That I need to drive a long way away from the edges of roads in rainy season!
  • That I’m not as hard as I think – but that God’s love takes away fear.

‘Thank you Jesus’ seems like a fairly inadequate response. But, in the words, of a worship song….’What can I do but thank you, what can I do but live my life for you? Alleluia.’