……for the J10:10 kids – all 22 of them. Rising to 47 in January.

THIS is the weekend when we are moving J10:10 Houses – from our small but happy house with somewhat shaky infrastructure to the huge and secure place that our awesome God has provided. I am in South Africa at the moment, then Burundi, then Rwanda and back to Uganda on Friday night for the move on Saturday. So THIS is the Friday prayer email and it’s all about the precious children that God has entrusted to us, the J10:10 staff who care for and love them, the move and what God will do their in the future and over this weekend. This is already an amazing work of an amazing, generous, powerful and loving God. But we want more.

Please join us in praying that:

  • We will NEVER lose sight of what an amazing gift God has given us in our children and this house
  • The move will go well and be relatively easy (particularly for Ak who is now VERY pregnant!)
  • Our staff at the J10:10 House will be blessed and re-energised by God as we move – Boaz, Margaret, Mercy and Richard
  • The children will appreciate how totally in love with them God is and that they will settle in relatively quickly
  • The House will continue to be a place of prayer and spiritual growth for the children (and all of us) and that Jesus will be as central and tangible as He is in the old house
  • We will glorify God, care for and protect our children and create new, genuine, disciples for Jesus through the remainder of 2013 and all 2014
  • For blessing, protection and provision

Thank you.