God’s vision taking shape…..

Roof to be finished in the next 10 days – ridges, gutters and all!








By the grace, provision and outrageous kindness of God…..and despite the slightly faulty instruments that he chooses to use in Kigazi (me)……we are now slightly more than half way through our latest and biggest project – the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ where God will heal the sick, improve the lives of the poor and cause babies to be delivered safely into a very beautiful part of the very beautiful world that He created. Mmmm very long sentence. Sorry.

But I am slightly giddy with it. Despite being back in the UK earning the money to pay for it all (also obviously God’s provision) I feel very much part of the build. I was obviously there for the foundations, walls and ring-beams. And a year ago, after the hardest and worst camp in our short history, I didn’t know if this Hospital 3,000m above sea-level was what God wanted us to do – or if I had the strength to do it. I was in a church in UK last October and the preacher said, ‘However tough it has been lately God wants you to know that you just need to dust yourself down and go again.’ That message felt like it was for me and at almost exactly the same moment I had an image (which never happens for me) of the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ – completed, painted and looking great. Which is when I knew that God WOULD give me the strength to do this work.

Actually, just before I left Uganda in late September, I had to make an engineering decision about whether to put on a gabled roof or a flatter one. Not very scientific but I recalled the very clear vision that God gave me nearly a year earlier and we went for that. Weird and wonderful this God stuff.

So I would hope that the roof will be completed in the next 10 days at which point there will be a pause until I return to site in early December and we start the final stage of the project – laying the floors, plastering the walls, fitting windows and doors and painting. All of which will take less than eight weeks.

Thank you Lord. For your encouragement, provision and guidance. For your son Jesus – our saviour – without whom none of this would have happened. And for loving the poor so much that you couldn’t bear to see them suffering, struggling and dying for want of the medical care that we take for granted. Thank you.

Can you see what the Lord has done?!