‘Now is the time. Needs are great, but your possibilities are greater.’ Bill Blackman

Africa is littered with Western projects started, often completed and now totally inactive. I drive past medical centres, schools and project offices constructed at great cost and doing nowt. They are monuments to the broken promises of the West to Africa – and sometimes to Afrca’s sel-desrtuctive greed. Here at J10:10 we are desperate not to break promises or waste money. We believe that it is possible to build, equip, deliver and continually improve. But only if you stay close to the communities that you serve – for ever. That’s why I am so focussed on sustainability and providing an income-stream that replaces me. There are several interesting opportunities that we’re investigating thoroughly to do this.

I have loved the last week – back to building on a small project and the joy of being exhausted whilst watching an idea take shape and become bricks-and-mortar reality. But in the serving game…….it’s the hard yards that matter – the follow-up, monitoring and less glamorous stuff. Which is why I am in Kampala (again) to help Josephine with the next stage of her recovery – physiotherapy following the operation that we sourced, funded and managed in Nairobi. I’ll also be spending time with Zebron, his handicapped daughter Michelle and her carers – and doing the usual foreign currency nonsense. I love seeing the difference that God has made in these lives and love seeing the progress that they have made. Whilst I’d rather be building I know that it is vital to God that we deliver on his promises to his precious, precious children.

And I’ll be back in Kabale building by Thursday – and hopefully getting authorisation to strat the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ in the next two weeks. With God’s blessing and direction the possibilities are limitless.