Number one student. God is good!

Our 17 small charges are back in the J10:10 Boarding House in Kabale. The second academic term has started, the J10:10 House staff have prepared the home and the adventure that was inconceivable only 12 months ago is a reality for our precious guests. Owen has returned to school as the number one student, the children are bathing and eating well every day now that they are back from the village and the revolution continues. Once again I get only to watch from afar. But not for much lomger – next Thursday I return to Africa and I can’t wait.

Over the coming weeks I will be able to show you in words and photographs……..

  • Josephine receiving the operation that will allow her to stand and walk again
  • Moreen getting the treatment she needs to grow up safely and lead a normal life
  • The lives of our 17 children in the home – in video, photograph and via Skype for their sponsors (still 5 left!)
  • The ongoing work at the medical centre
  • The construction of the ‘Hospital in the Hills’
  • Life at our nursery on top of the mountain – 175 children learning that they are valuable to us and loved beyond measure by King Jesus
  • The computer education courses that we run for the very poor in our computer training centre
  • And many other random projects and people that God has put on our hearts

Oh yes, and I may even post some photographs of the most unlikely and unforeseen event of the decade. My marriage to the wonderful and far-too-good- for-me Hildah. Bet you can guess at least 17 of the guests!

God is SO good – that he has done so much through us is another miracle. And sharing it with you all via this website is a blessing and a joy. Prepare to be inundated with updates over the coming weeks! And thank you for your prayers and support.