One of the best things about the HTB Leadership conference that I attended this week was meeting and listening to people exactly like me. Not fat, blond, middle-aged, stroppy, impatient, dictatorial and difficult……but people who ‘get’ Jesus in the same way that I do.

We have very little else in common – an armed robber, a barrister, a vicar, a Catholic monk, a Pentecostal Yank, a 50 million-selling author and a Greek/Aussie victim of abuse (to name but a few). But we experience a life with Jesus, guided by his Spirit and in awe, fear and love of our creator God in a way that is almost identical. This was one of the things that reassured me about my decision to follow Jesus 8 years ago. Every so often I would meet a Christian and we would talk about Jesus as if he were a mutual friend – and the way that we talked about him was identical – not in terms of theology, doctrine or the difficult stuff but our experience of him and our shared knowledge of his personality and character.

It was the same this week – and it feels like a long time since this were the case. Thank you Lord.

And here’s the really brilliant thing – the Catholic monk, the Anglican Vicar, the Pentecostal Pastor and the Aussie chick (her words not mine) stood on a stage in fromt of 4,300 people and agreed about everything that mattered. They didn’t get divided by doctrine, they didn’t argue about trans-substantiation……….they just agreed that Jesus is God, that He is all we need, that we have an absolute responsibility for social action and that we are family. Alleluia!!!!

Just imagine what we could do as a body of believers if this model was replicated across the globe. How many hungry mouths and lost souls could we feed with the bread of life if we all kept working together?