One of the best things I did in my thirties was to walk through the doors of St Marys Stebbing, and meet a difficult Man United fanatic. If you’d of told me 4 yrs ago I would be sold out for Jesus, working in rural Uganda and teamed with the difficult Man Utd fanatic I’d of laughed! ( or possibly cried). I’m a proud single mum living in a small village in Essex, my son Jack is an absolute delight and is finishing his last year in primary school. I’m motivated, bossy, lively and love Haribo! Do I get it right all the time?…..Nope, I don’t make it to church every week, I make mistakes, I swear too much, sometimes I judge people and generally cock it up……but I’ll die trying to get it right for a God who gave me everything.

Bethnal Green London at heart, my family background is fairly divided as my mum and dad separated whilst I was quite young and my mum did her level best through tough times to bring us up, I’m one of three, my eldest brother Michael, Jane and then me…. Saving the best till last!

My early schooling was at St Joesphs and then St Marys, no real religious teaching at home, but school made up for it. Didn’t like church, being in them, listening to the man at the front in the frock twitter on about stuff that as far as I was concerned had no relevance to my life.

Life twisted on, ticking along nicely, uni, parties, boys! Generally life was all about me. Jesus who?

Had some great jobs, working for the Shaftsbury Society was one of them and that’s where I met Carl, around 1995, we became friends and that soon developed into a relationship. Our beautiful son Jack was born in October 2000! this has to be up there with one of the most proudest moments in my life…what a delight he is. Carl and I separated but remain good friends and we both work hard to show Jack a positive working relationship….at times that has challenged us both!

Health….there’s a word, mines not been great in all honesty and the single mum bit was tough when “Roo” was little and at times quite isolating, so making new mum friends was a right good move. We met Diane and her son Matthew at a toddlers music group and started spending time together.

Problem was she hung out in church but the great thing was she didn’t talk about it….in fact she didn’t talk, push or bully me into anything, she appeared bright, happy, level headed and quite frankly not mad! So maybe just maybe there was something to this Jesus she knew…..

I decided one week to join her at her local church St Marys of Stebbing, obviously I was going to keep one foot firmly outside the door and not get drawn in………….

These people didn’t seem barking mad either, surely there had to be a catch?

No catch and within months I had started to attend the big stone building and make some new friends, still with no pressure or guilt I REALLY started to ask myself and “him” if there was a chance he might want to come into my messy life if he wasn’t to busy and could fit me in, I prayed several times and very slowly I felt change in my life. Not instant flashes of lightening but a gradual like, love understanding of a man who was born, lived and loved like no other man in history and gave his life for me… to save ME!

My faith, trust and love for this hero of mine Jesus comes as a total shock to so many that know me and I’m sure my banging on about him drives them batty! But I can’t stop…he actually did that, pull out your history records, research it, call me! God adores me and there is nothing that stops you knowing that love either.

My life is so different now I know this man Jesus, I talk with him every day, in the car, work or pub…telling him how fab he is and how thankful I am and asking him to watch over situations and friends. It’s not tricky and there is no catch.

I genuinely love my life and everything in it now, can’t stop wanting to give him something back every day…will I every pay him back for what he did for me… Nope, but I’ll die trying.