The first passion fruit plantation.

The first passion fruit plantation.

In 7 months time this plant will produce 4kg of passion fruit - every month

In 7 months time this plant will produce 4kg of passion fruit – every month

So, as I wrote on Monday, we believe that we clearly see God’s vision for the people that he loves here in Uganda – health, education, sanitation and a relationship with him through Jesus. And as I also wrote, the cost of setting all this up will be £210,000 – and the running cost will be a further £90,000 per annum. And I commented that obedience was my problem and provision was God’s responsibility. And what a responsibility! The huge amount of money documented above will provide medical care for 7,000 people a year, hospital beds for 14, maternity services for a community, sponsorship for several students and their families, nursery education for 200 children and primary school education for a further  490 young Ugandans.  Plus all the other random stuff that we do.

The one God I love has many names – and ‘Jehovah-Jireh’ is one of them – the God who provides. Well, now is the time to prove your character and your faithfulness Lord God……………….. I believe.

I believe that God will provide for all we need, for all of the plans that I believe that He has put on our hearts and for all the plans that He has and we don’t know about …………through the passion-fruit farming business that we have set up. Over the past few weeks we have been clearing trees, preparing land, fencing, planting and watering (dry season!) the first of the 10,000 passion fruit plants that will be in place and growing by the end of October.

I have worked through and prayed through the figures and the idea a hundred times.  This business will not only provide for the ministry that God has given us but will also create employment for 12 Ugandans by February next year. We will also put the excess profits back into the community where we are farming to give them the access to safe drinking water that they so desperately require.

And, next July, I am forecasting that we will be harvesting 28,500 kilos of passion fruit every single month. All I have to do then is sell it!

God knows exactly what He is going to do with this business. I know that it will support J1010’s vision and I pray that it will grow to a point where it employs many more Ugandans and provides for many more projects.

Saint Augustine wrote:

‘Make an account of what God has given you. Take what you need – the rest is required by others.’

I would love it if we could make an ethical brand out of ‘Passion for Jesus’, make a disgustingly large amount of money…….and then give it away. Because that would be Christ-like wouldn’t it?

Please pray for energy to complete the work (look below), good weather, no disease, few pests and God’s blessing on the financial engine behind J1010.

The next 3,000 plants will go here - after it's been tilled, fenced, fertilised and laid out properly!

The next 3,000 plants will go here – after it’s been tilled, fenced, fertilised and laid out properly!