A reunion......God smiles too

A reunion……God smiles too



A lovely end of week story……………

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with Michelle – the little girl with cerebral palsy who lives with us here in Uganda. Some will remember the story of her coming to Kabale to attend my wedding to Hildah last August with her earthly  father Zebron – and how God very clearly told me that if I sent her back to Kampala I was sending her back to die.

Thank God that I listened and Zeb allowed us to take responsibility for this precious soul. And thank God for the western businessman who has sponsored Michelle for 18 months – through her rescue from the neglect that she suffered when her Mum couldn’t cope; through the improved care that she received from her grandparents; to the care and love that she now receives here in Kabale with the excellent Agnes and us.

When Hildah and I returned to Kabale from Kampala yesterday we brought Zeb with us. He had seen photos of Michelle’s massively improved state (from 8kg to 18kg) but he had not seen her in the flesh. It was a privilege to be there to see the both of their faces light up at the reunion. It is a privilege to be part of Michelle’s life and this story. And it is a privilege to serve God in the small things like Michelle and the other individuals that God puts in our path, as well as the bigger things like hospitals.

I spent some time with Zeb after the reunion (photos above and below) and he spoke of his sorrow, shame and embarrassment at the way that he believes he and his family failed Michelle. I identify with that sorrow very closely as I look back gratefully on the last two weeks with my daughter who I have let down so badly in the past.

Thankfully for Zebron and I, and for all the people that have suffered less-than-perfect earthly fathers, there IS one perfect parent. We call him Father God but He is so far beyond gender and so capable and loving that fathering, mothering and brothering are all second nature to our Creator. And his provision for little Michelle has been so wonderful to watch over the past 10 months.

And so I am very confident when I ask him this week to:

  • Bless us as we complete the construction phase of the ‘Hospital in the Hills’
  • Guide us as we write the blueprint for the Hospital’s operation and agree it with the Ugandan government
  • Lead us as we start to build businesses here in Uganda to fund J1010’s work
  • Protect us in all we do and provide for all that we need
  • Continue to break our hearts for what breaks His

In Jesus’s name.

Wonderful. Just bloody wonderful

Wonderful. Just bloody wonderful

Michelle and Zebron

Michelle and Zebron