The J1010 Medical Centre - treating 6,000 patients each year

The J1010 Medical Centre – treating 6,000 patients each year





And the 'Hospital in the Hills' where we hope to create medical AND spiritual healing in Jesus' name

And the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ where we hope to create medical AND spiritual healing in Jesus’ name





‘Be on guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong,…..and do everything with Love’…… one of my favourite scriptures.

I actually find the first four things relatively easy. When trying to serve God and the poor here in Africa it pays to be on guard against distraction, attack and indolence; God’s love has pretty much eliminated any fear in my life; being strong is the only option here in Africa; and the Spirit of Jesus, alive and living in me, keeps me in love with Him and committed to the God who died in my place.

But doing EVERYTHING with love? Now that’s a challenge. And one I often fail….to my shame and frustration.

I have regularly failed to ‘do everything with love’ in my meetings with the government over the staff and services that they provide in the medical facilities that we build. Whilst the standard of medical care that our friends in Kigazi receive is a million times better than they ever expected it falls a long way short of what I want it to be. A combination of low government pay, no sense of a calling, weak management, poor on-going training and no sense that they are valued by their employer makes many of the staff idle or disinterested at best, and absent at worst.

I want to do something totally amazing with healthcare in Kigazi. As I’ve said, the fact that there IS healthcare in Kigazi is a miracle in itself – but I just can’t believe that the God that made that possible is a God of the mediocre. That the God that made the universe is happy with an average level of care or service. The God of the Median. Nope. Not for me.

And so before I went to met with the Government and District Health Office yesterday I prayed that God would help me not to be condemnatory, aggressive or arrogant (quite a challenge even for God!)…..and that He would direct the meeting. He did, I wasn’t, He did. And as is always the case God exceeded my wildest expectations.

I came away with a broad agreement that J1010 could take over managing both the existing medical centre and the new ‘Hospital in The Hills’ (construction of which I can finish in less than 4 weeks). And with the task of writing a document that described the service that we would be contracted to provide to the Government and People of Uganda. We will meet to discuss and agree this again in about 3 weeks time.

And so this Friday I would be immensely grateful if you could join with me in asking our Father God, in the name of out friend, brother and saviour Jesus, to work through his Spirit to:

  • Direct me in everything that I think and write in this document to deliver outstanding Christ-centred medical care and ministry to the people of Kigazi
  • Bless the closing weeks of the construction project of the ‘Hospital in the Hills’
  • Bless the last seven days of my daughter Caitie’s visit to Uganda and her return journey to the UK
  • Protect the staff and children that J1010 employs and cares for here in Kabale, Uganda
  • Help me, and all of J1010’s staff, to do EVERYTHING with love

Thank you so much.