Entirely predictably I spent some of Good Friday in hospital. Nothing wrong with me of course! The chances of me ever spending more than a few days in Uganda without having to visit hospital with a sick Ugandan are not statistically high…..this time it is Michelle, the little girl with cerebral palsy that J1010 has sort-of adopted and whom we care for at my home in Kabale. When I say ‘we’ I mean Agnes one of our staff – with help from her husband Isaac, my wife Hildah and various others. All I do is pray and try and make Michelle laugh. Really complicated!

Michelle was not herself yesterday and the luxury of being a mzungu’s (white man’s) adopted daughter means that you get taken straight to the best available hospital in the area. (Don’t think BUPA!) Michelle has malaria, tonsilitis and a very nasty case of oral thrush. She was admitted and is now on a drip, on antibiotics and improving rapidly. Crisis over. Michelle’s hospitalisation means that Agnes and Praise have also been admitted – as you can see below. Hildah and I are concentrating on keeping them fed and watered. Home today or tomorrow latest in my opinion.

So this week prayer is needed for:

  • Michelle’s full recovery and Agnes & Praise’s non-infection whilst in the hospital
  • A really blessed Easter Day with Jesus at the centre of it at the J1010 House: BIG Easter lunch with the J1010 kids!
  • Wisdom in making decisions about buying land on which to build the primary school that we so desperately need to complete by January 2014.
  • Continuing good progress on the construction of the ‘Hospital in the Hills’
  • Healing and protection for little James Burgess fighting Leukemia in the UK – and the knowledge of God’s presence for his parents
  • A really productive and protected week listening to, and obeying, God in Uganda

Thank you for your prayers and support – much needed. Happy Easter!



Praise, Agnes and a recovering Michelle - all together in hospital!

Praise, Agnes and a recovering Michelle – all together in hospital!