……….for J1010 – God’s projects, plans, protection, provision – AND MOST OF ALL – for our/my obedience to Him.

I am at the end of my latest mad 3 week dash to the UK. I return to my amazing and wonderful wife Hildah and to all our projects and people on Monday night. Probably for no more than 2 weeks before a final (?) trip to the UK. I am exhausted, disorientated and sick of the separation and travel. And very blessed by all God has provided for us during these three weeks. But I know that this mad existence can’t go on productively for very much longer…..physically or spiritually. I have some big decisions to make and I need your prayer in making them.

One of J1010’s trustees suggested something blindingly obvious. Around 200 people regularly read my inane ramblings. Why are we not asking you to pray specifically for the things that we are trying to do in God’s power? Doh!

And so here is the first of what I intend to be a weekly ‘prayer request’ email. If we believe that God is real, loving and interested in our lives then prayer is essential. And so I (very) humbly ask you to find time to pray for some or all of the following:

  • For little James Burgess as he battles leukaemia in the UK: complete healing and strength for his parents – and for help dealing with hunger as he fasts before operations
  • For Moreen, aged 3, in Uganda who was born without an anus and needs help that we haven’t yet found her
  • For J1010’s Ugandan staff: Arkaline, Jackson, Margaret, Boaz, Richard, Mercy and all four nursery school teachers – that they may be strengthened and blessed by our generous God
  • For me – that the very clear call that God appears to be making in terms of my future is definitely of God
  • For my Hildah – that we may finally get a positive answer on her UK visa application
  • For the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ – that it will soon be finished and that its operation will be carried out by us to God’s glory
  • For the Medical Centre: that it will continue to heal in Jesus’s name
  • For all the Ugandans that we help directly: 22 children in the J1010 House; Sandra and Timothy who were abandoned at birth; Michelle who was born with cerebral palsy and who we look after; Anthony, Obed, Elizabeth and Flower who we sponsor through their education. And various others!

I am always aware that Jesus said – ‘apart from me you can do nothing’. Please ask God, in Jesus’s name, to bless, direct and protect these projects and people.

Thank you so much.

Open in a few weeks time - dispensing care, drugs, love and kindness in Jesus' name

Open in a few weeks time – dispensing care, drugs, love and kindness in Jesus’ name