Cleophas - loves school, loved by his maker

Cleophas – loves school, loved by his maker

Denis - safe and loved

Denis – safe and loved

Stidia - time to be a child

Stidia – time to be a child

I love the simple greatness of God. That might sound like a contradiction in terms – but I think that the contradiction is in earthly terms. Which is one of the things that makes God so flipping wonderful! I watched a video this week that made me feel very small – go here and have a look.  When I’d finished marvelling at my smallness and the greatness of God’s creation…….I started thinking about two things. Firstly that the greatness of God isn’t best showcased in the Universe or the video that I (and hopefully you!) just watched. It’s showcased in the beaten, cut, bloodied, battered and lifeless body of Jesus – nailed to a cross and gasping for breath at the last. The glory of our God is his willingness to die for the most perverse and selfish part of his good creation. That God would CHOOSE to become man, to be limited to humanity and to die a shameful death in my place………is about a billion times more gob-smacking than the solar system, Milky Way and a billion galaxies. And the second thought was this. I might think myself totally insignificant…….but if God thinks I’m important enough to die for, if he values ME (and you) more than the rest of the Universe…….then actually I’m NOT insignificant. And neither are you. And neither are Denis, Cleophas and Stidia. Three children in seven billion people on this planet. Poor like about 1.9 billion others. Sick (worms) like several million others. And completely irrelevant to David Cameron, Yoweri Museveni and Barrack Obama. But not to Jesus – who through a very flawed human being (me), through three people who live several thousand miles away (their sponsors), and by the Spirit of God that led us to them and made us love them enough to do something for them…….has given them a life that no-one could have predicted 18 months ago. Stidia, Denis and Cleophas are now safe, loved, clothed (thank you wonderful Hildah and Ak), fed, getting medication and acclimatising to life in the J1010 House. Because in God’s eyes…….they’re flipping priceless. God is VERY good.