Macklin and Joan - sisters with a new life ahead of them

Macklin and Joan – sisters with a new life ahead of them


That should read – New Year, New Children, New Sponsors and New Life! And also……….a new date for Christmas!

Tomorrow three of the five new inhabitants of the J1010 house (Stidia, Denis and Cleophas) will arrive in the house for the first time. They will be leaving a fairly chaotic life in a suburb of Kabale (no parents and a mentally-ill uncle) for a life in an environment of love, care and growth. This is such a joy-filled part of God’s work. In another week Joan and Macklin will also arrive and then the old-timers (their second year!) will all return for the start of the new academic year.

And for their Christmas celebration! When I returned to Uganda for a brief visit in December I carried a suitcase full of Christmas presents for our sponsored children. Unfortunately the kids had gone back to the village and so I made the decision to defer our Christmas celebration in the J1010 house until February. (I’m in UK at the moment for another couple of weeks so if you sponsor a child and missed the last delivery get in touch quickly!)

And so…..after the initial excitement of the new school year……at some point in February we’ll decorate the house while the kids are at school, surprise the heck out of them when they return, and share our sponsors’ love and God’s love with the kids via presents and a meal with meat included. And it will also be a celebration of how much they all achieved last year (stunning school results and a real maturing of their relationships with God) AND the miracle that God has worked in their lives.

When they were born they had no possibility of education, health-care or even clean water. God has provided all of these things for them and their families. Is nothing impossible for God?

No. It isn’t.  And the lives that these children will enjoy are testament to that and to their sponsors’ generosity.

Denis, Cleophas and Stidia - safety and love awaits

Denis, Cleophas and Stidia – safety and love awaits