The Hospital in the Hills

The Hospital in the Hills

I have just arrived back in the UK for a four week dash to collect the cash that I have earned to fund God’s work through J10:10 (and earn some more). It’s another four weeks (hopefully the last) apart from my beloved wife Hildah but it’s important that I’m here. Jesus didn’t say that following Him would be easy.

And as I stand at the threshold of another year – I’m awed (again) by what God has done through us. As the person who funds, directs, leads and manages our work…….I know how inept I am and how completely impossible it is that I could possibly do this work well. And yet, in the past twelve months through J10:10, God has……

  • Healed Josephine who is now walking again after the operation that we funded in Nairobi and the physiotherapy that we provided in Kampala
  • Healed Josephine’s daughter Sandrah via the operation that we funded a week or so ago
  • Healed two year-old Alpha of the testicular hernia that could have killed him
  • Saved the life of Asifiwe who was born 3 months early
  • Provided love, care, food and a safe home for Michelle (my second favourite story of the year!)
  • Provided love, care, hope, safety and a future for Milly, kidnapped and enslaved by Joseph Kony, and Amulle – the baby that she was able to keep because of God through us
  • Blessed our big project of the year, the J10:10 House for Kids, with an environment of love, happiness and outrageous success for our village kids (remember the class results!)
  • Provided sponsors for ALL of our children!
  • Blessed our other big project, the ‘Hospital in the Hills’, which is now 65% completed and starting again in earnest in six day’s time
  • Brought more than 20 people to a living faith in God through Jesus through the Alpha courses that we implemented at Kigezi Baptist Church
  • Provided computer training for more than 20 people at the J10:10 internet and computer suite at KBC
  • Provided education for 150 children at the J10:10 Nursery and school sponsorship for seven others
  • Provided medical care for around 6,000 villagers at the J10:10 medical centre
  • Provided for Becky and John Fodor to return to Uganda and see the progress being made by Stidia, Denis and Cleophas….the desperately poor children that they helped to re-house and who are coming to live at the J10:10 House in two weeks time
  • Impacted a number of other lives through the employment that J10:10 now provides for Ugandans – 14 full-time staff and up to 25 other employees

And I’ve probably forgotten loads of other stuff – the scale of my God’s grace is massive.

And… my amazement, wonder, gratitude and joy…….God very generously provided a life-partner with whom I can share this magnificent, thrilling, roller-coaster ride of a life. My favourite story of the year for very personal reasons is my marriage to my wife Hildah.  Over the eight and a bit years that I have been following Jesus without a partner the toughest thing has been not having someone to share the good times with. I don’t need anyone to talk to on the bad days – but when Michelle laughs with joy, when the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ was roofed, when Asifiwe is given life against all the odds or when the J10:10 kids that everone wrote off take nearly every top position in their classes………………it is just wonderful to have someone to turn to, hug, and say, ‘Can you see what the Lord has done?!’

Thank you Lord. I’m excited for more in 2013. You’re amazing. We love you.