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Oh dear. It’s Thursday and this is the first time that I’ve blogged this week. Mad busy earning the money to pay for the construction of the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ – and planning 2013 for J10:10, the community of Kigazi and the future for some of the children and families that we serve in Uganda.

Which is why I’m asking for your help. I’ve made a decision that we will not be graduating any children from the nursery in Kigazi to school and the J10:10 House in Kabale this year. Whilst the J10:10 House and the schooling, love, nutrition and care that the 17 children in the House get is God-given, brilliant and one of the best things we do…………… is also horrendously expensive. We need to build a school and boarding accommodation of our own in town and we will do that in 2013 to open it to our children in January 2014. It is better that we concentrate on getting this facility built, staffed and opened rather then get distracted by trying to find accommodation for the next 20 children from Kigazi.

But I have five small problems! Five children that I want to admit to the J10:10 House and schooling programme in January and for whom I am seeking sponsors. You may know three of them from previous blogs. Stidia (11), Dennis (8) and Cleophas (6) are three children that we have helped in the past. When we met them they were sleeping in a house with their Grandmother and schizophrenic uncle. The house was disgusting and the children were infested with ‘jiggers’ – a flea that burrows into the skin and lays eggs. These precious children couldn’t use their fingers properly because the pain from lifted fingernails was so intense. Through us God cleaned them, healed them, dressed them, got them into school and provided a new house and a food programme for them. Life is now great by their previous standards.

But not by ours. Or I suspect by God’s. Yes – they’re clean, better fed and in school. Their new house is palatial by their old standards. But they don’t have a reliable carer, they don’t have running water, they don’t have electricity and they don’t get the love that all children need. And I want that to change. We’ve spoken to their Grandmother and she would love them to spend 9 months a year in the J10:10 House where they will receive the care, love, a better education, a better diet and the basics of power and water on tap (no pun intended).

They and two daughters of Jackson, our longest standing Ugandan employee, will be enrolled in good schools and the J10:10 House in January. We’re improving our sponsorship programme to include scheduled monthly Skype calls, bi-monthly letters and an opportunity for you to be involved in your child’s birthday celebrations. More on that in November.

The cost of sponsorship is just £20 a month and this covers about half of our costs. If you, or someone you know, would like to serve God by helping one of these children, showing them that he cares about them, and helping them understand that God’s family is worldwide…..then get in touch – . It could be the best thing you do this October. Thank you.

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