The opening of the J10:10 House, the first day at the Medical Centre for Nurse Jane, the healing of Edith and others……and now the roof going on to the Hospital in the Hills – I do all the flipping work: why am I always in the UK earning money to do these things and never there on the glory days?

Perhaps God thinks I would be too self-satisfied. That I would forget that it is because of Him, and only Him, that these things get done. And if he thinks that then I’m afraid that, as always, He is right.

And whilst I’d rather be in Uganda watching the Hospital in the Hills take shape (and holding the hand of my brilliant, beautiful, badly-missed wife Hildah as I did so) I can still look at these (very small!) photos and be amazed at what God has done, joyful at what He will do in the lives of the villagers who are treated here, and profoundly grateful for his provision through me to do this work for those He loves so much: the profoundly poor.

They’re tiny and I’ll try and get full-size ones soon but you can see below that the rafters are going on and I hope that by the end of next week – God’s Hospital in the Hills will be roofed. Exciting times. Exciting God. Exciting faith.