It’s not often that, while sitting in the UK, I authorise a spend of 13 million seven hundred thousand. But this week I did. Fortunately it was 14 million Ugandan Shillings and not Pounds Sterling. So, roughly, £3750. It takes the spend on the Hospital in the Hills to 62 million shillings – slightly more than £15,000. God continues to provide…….this time for the roof of the Hospital in the Hills.

So, my beautiful (much-missed) wife Hildah and J10:10’s Ugandan Director, Arkaline, have purchased and transported 600 timbers, 140kg of nails and 200 iron sheets up to Kigazi. The builders have started their work and I would expect us to see pictures of the roof taking shape next week – and completed before 19th October.

And when I return to Uganda in December and we start the building project again then I think that we have ten weeks work left. Which means that the building you see below will easing people into and out of this world, and making their lives easier, better and longer………… March of 2013.

Apart from Him? We can do nothing,